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Idle Cosmos Clicker



The dark times have come…
Enemy Cosmic Asteroids, Space Planets and Alien Armadas are looming close to the Earth. Their main aim is enslavement of the Earthlings.
Only you can defend our planet and save the Earth population from space aliens, cosmic planets and asteroids! Here we go!

– Click and tap on the cosmic planets, asteroids and space aliens ASAP, and collect more crystals.
– With collected crystals open the upgrades panel and buy Double Power to increase click power and other additional weapons to destroy enemy aliens, space planets and cosmic asteroids faster.
– Open the space map and unlock other space planets and cosmic asteroids in exchange for collected crystals.
– Travel from one cosmic planet to another, destroy more of space aliens, cosmic planets and asteroids and collect more crystals.

– Click, click and click more and faster!
– Tap, tap and tap more and faster!

– The tapping gameplay of Idle Cosmos Clicker give you an opportunity to play endlessly.
– Be careful! During the destroying of the cosmic planets and asteroids, you can be unexpectedly attacked by the space aliens. Strike back at the enemy aliens, click and tap on them as well as the cosmic planet and asteroids and get award crystals.

Idle Cosmic Clicker – is one of the interesting space tapping and clicking games.
It is more than just a space clicker and tapper. It is more than one of the idle clicker and idle tap games.

Playing this space clicking and tapping game, you can get the feeling like a pilot of the spaceship moving towards the cosmic planets, space asteroids, alien armadas and black holes.
In addition, you will meet with a dangerous and ruthless ALIENBOSS.

Destroy the cosmic aliens, enemy space planets and cosmic asteroids and save the Earth!
Move through the Cosmos and enemy Space, become the Lord of Aliens and push it to become the Cosmic Guardian – enemy planet destroyer!

Download free Idle Cosmos Clicker right now if you like space tapping and clicking games! Be ready for the endless hours of the cosmic battles!

Compete with your friends and compare the results in the Google Play Games!

THANK YOU for playing Idle Cosmos Clicker!

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